Solar Garden Lights Ambiance Design and Enjoyment

Two aspects of human behavior play a very important role in the positive impact the design and installation of your solar garden lights will have on your inner self and happiness. They are:

1. Setting and accomplishing goals and objectives have positive effects on the human spirit.
2. Making time for fun and relaxation is important for managing stress and good health

OK, right now I am sending out a “Call To Action”. If you have any desire to plant or beautify your yard or garden, first sit down and decide what you would like to do. If not, keep reading and perhaps you may be inspired to move forward. The planning process is imperative in developing your vision and consequently taking action. The result of the plan will be a course of action called goals and objectives for your solar garden.

I don’t know exactly how this became inherent in our human behavior but we are all goal oriented. Behavioral research has shown that once a goal is set, everything we do subliminally is directed towards the attainment of that goal. Sound like fun to you? I have seen the positive effects planning and goal setting has had on a vast majority people in the companies I have worked with in my career as a management consultant.

I love the quote, “The Human Spirit is at it’s best when it has just accomplished a seemingly impossible task.” I am not sure who created it but it has been a favorite of mine for several years. Just revert back to the last time you set out to do a task and the exhilarating feeling you had upon completion. This is especially true if there was an extended period of time involved and the level of difficulty was high. Can you possibly image the emotional surge the staff of engineers at Cape Canaveral felt when they successfully landed astronauts on the moon and returned them safely to Earth for the first time? It must have taken them years and years of planning. Note to the naysayers, “Anything is possible”.

It may seem intimidating to get started given the size of space you have to work with along with all the options available. Referencing a few good books, magazines, and websites on the topic of gardening are a few of the ways to generate innovative ideas that will suit your needs for your yard. This is when the creative genius in you can come out and fashion a beautiful and peaceful environment that you can enjoy for years.

Let’s focus next on making time for fun and relaxation. Are you in agreement? Decorating your garden can be a great way to relieve stress. Controlling your emotions and putting your mind “in a good place” can be accomplished by first creating a tranquil environment and then spending peaceful time in your safe haven in what may be described as a form of self-meditation.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you have mentally put together an idea of what you want the garden to look like, get a piece of paper and write down all activities that are necessary to complete the project. Example: purchase solar path lights, re-sod the flowerbed, dig out rocks, plant bushes, pave path, etc. Next sort the activities in chronological order and place them vertically on the left of the page. Then create columns from left to right across the top representing each week of the project progression from start to finish. Place the date of the week in each column. The number of columns for the weeks could be from two to ten weeks depending upon the length of the project. Finally, place an X in the position that intersects with the activity and the week it is to be completed. This will constitute your listing of projects and timeline for completion.