Enjoying And Benefiting From Quiet Moments

We all have quiet moments we can enjoy if we wish to. In the midst of busy lives and stressful demands, we can take mini breaks and enjoy peaceful moments.

However, it is easy to miss these moments if we are distracted by looking at our watches or use the time to chat on the phone. To truly benefit from them, you first need to decide to become more aware of them. When you are waiting outside the school for your children to come out you can worry about something or you can enjoy a peaceful moment. If you take advantage of these times to relax and still your mind you will soon discover amazing benefits. These are the times when intuition can come alive and soft whispers of inspiration can bless your life.

It is possible to find peace in simple activities such as walking through a park or browsing a plant nursery. Even just spending a little while sitting in your backyard can provide you valuable time to rejuvenate. Pay attention to the experiences of life; the colors in nature, the fragrances of flowers, birds, animals and even cloud formations. Simply be becoming aware of the beauty of your surroundings you can create a peaceful mindset and a grateful heart.

If you have little children, you may wonder how you can find any peace at all. However, our babies and little children offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy peace and contentment, but only if you give them your full attention. You have to forget other demands and be in the present moment. Cuddling your baby or reading a special story to your toddler can be peaceful moments that open your heart.

For some people, their most peaceful and blissful moments occur while deeply engaged in an activity they love. Creating a beautiful work of art, story, piece of furniture, clothing or garden can all take you to that quiet place where time stands still. It is in this state, that you can rejuvenate from the stresses of life and get your second wind.

No matter how you enter into this ‘zone’, you will find that you are able to experience love, gratitude and clarity of thought in a way that you cannot access normally. Joy expands at these times and life flows easily. You feel that anything is possible in this state and it is. For the moment at least, you are being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. If you intersperse your life with these experiences of deep contentment, you will become more satisfied with your life.

You will also find a new level of creativity flowing through your mind when you experience regular times of inner peace. Inspiration will energize and exhilarate you with a renewed sense of purpose. Furthermore, solutions to difficulties you are facing will come to you easily. In fact, by regularly enjoying times of deep contentment and peace you will discover that your life will become more satisfying and full of joy.

A Healthy Garden Makes Seniors Healthy

Gardening is the most perfect exercise for senior citizens. Do you know why? When you’re in your garden, tending your plants, you forget everything from muscle pain, arthritis related pains, since you’re busy with your plants.

You feel uplifted and aroused with the smell of sweet flowers and the beauty of your healthy red tomato fruits, shiny eggplant fruits, greenish lettuce, and lots of vegetables you can see in the garden.
Sometimes you forget the hour whether its already sunset. Meaning, your garden seems to be your paradise surrounded with lots of natures’ ever growing beauties that you don’t want to leave the heavenly atmosphere you feel in the garden.

Imagine you have an abundant fresh harvest derived from your toil, what satisfaction do you feel, and what that affects your mental and physical conditions. Does it increase your cravings for more activities, thus makes you more interested to do more.

Benefits You Can Get In Your Garden

1. With that, your body through gardening,enriches your diet, your spirit, and strengthen your body against sickness.

2. Tending your garden plants provides you with an outdoors exercise in order to perspire, which is much better than working out in the gym. In the garden you can get the fresh early morning sunlight which is good for the body and mind.

3. While in your garden busy with your plants, you’ll also hear the sweet
serenades of the birds’ song an addition to your happy hour of tilling the soil with music from the birds.

4. Gardening contributes to bone-building like weight training can help build bones. The different tasks in your garden require your body to shift and move in different positions making your muscles flexible and adds strength to your body.

5. During your gardening activities, you would perform lifting, stretching, walking, kneeling, climbing weeding and other chores. These tasks forced your body to react based on the situation your body called for, and this is good for your health.

6. Add to this, while tending your plants with efforts, you’re likely to burn 250 – 350 calories, that includes weeding, digging, etc. For an hour of physical activities you’d consume lots of nutritious foods in exchange for the efforts you’ve made.

7. Staying in the garden for a couple of hours creates an atmosphere of peace of mind, because of the presence of natural therapy medical field can’t give the answer. This can be explained by merely observation but not scientifically proven that exposure to morning sunlight at least an can improve our body’s resistance to some minor illness.

This is manifested in your own natural feeling mode, that the smells of beautiful flowers, the songs of the birds around, the greenery landscape of your plants is enough to restore your senses to a perfect state conditions.

Improve Your Grounds With Water Fountains For Gardens

People like to plant indoor or outdoor gardens, or both, because it is the most beautiful sight that can always refresh our body and soul. Being surrounded by rich and colourful flowers will take away our tiresome mood. The smell and breeze flowing out from the garden is highly inspiring and it can enhance the tranquility and your peace of mind. People plant gardens to make their leisure hours in the home are beautiful and calming. A garden is vital part of every home, like any member. It can be delightful to have guests over when you know you have a great garden.

What about improving your garden by installing a fountain? A water fountain will improve the beauty of its surroundings, regardless whether it is a large or a small fountain. A good fountain is like a good piece of art and it can enhance the beauty of a garden, as well as the home and its surroundings.

The sound of flowing water will make the environment tranquil and calming. Water fountains for gardens will provide multiple benefits. Along the serene atmosphere that the garden water fountain creates, it will charm your guests. Flow of water conveys the spirits of prosperity so that it can provide pleasure to every visitor of your garden and this will give a fresh beginning to their thoughts. Your pets and other birds will swoop down to your fountain to quench their thirst. That will also create a lovely atmosphere around your garden and many different birds will be singing their delightful tunes. They swallow up small insects, which can cause the decay of flowers, so a fountain can help to make your garden clean and free of insects.
You can impress your guests by arranging your parties around your fountain. Crowds will attract toward the beauty of your fountain and the great atmosphere you provided will remain in their mind forever. Such is the power of a serene atmosphere around a fountain.

Nowadays, fountains for gardens are gaining greater popularity. People are starting to realise the multiple benefits of a well placed and attractive water fountain. A nice fountain will seem like the crown of your garden.

Water fountains are available in different types, size and rates in the water fountain market. When you look for a suitable water fountain, choose one that will be appropriate for the size of your garden. Some people make the mistake of choosing massive fountains, which can look out of place after they are installed. Choosing a feature that is simple and stylish is often the best choice. The fountain will need to look like it is a part of the overall garden, not the only feature that exists in it. A fountain that can blend in with the surroundings may also be a wise choice when you are looking to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Colours In The Sanctuary Garden

Spring is in the air and so is Holi (the Indian festival of colours). This time of the year is all about freshness. What more can be an excuse to embrace colours and to give personal touch to enhance our personal spaces? Everyone of us goes through colour decisions everyday. Which colour to wear? This scarf or that tie? Orange juice or green pear? Some decisions are made very effortlessly – our sub-conscious secretly guides us without us even realising when that happens. But, to be fully aware of what colours to be embraced in our homes and offices, we gently need to hit the reset button. So,what comes to our mind when you hear about colours? Seasons…flowers…rainbows…furnishings…curtains…tapestry…nature?

In the last article, we talked about spaces being planned with a living consciousness of an organism and how this ‘someone special’ is the basis of all design. This person, known as ‘Vaastu-purush’ lies flat on his belly – symmetrical along a mirror axis and fits nicely together in a square grid. Let us explore him in new light…and colour!!! Nature provides us with all seven rainbow colours (which correspond to the seven energy chakras or centers of the body) – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The same rainbow colours are associated with various body organ. This is how they bring out responses in the body by healing it or disturbing it. Research also shows that moods, health and well being can be affected by colour therapy. Vaastu too uses specific colours in each of the cardinal directions to enhance good luck, health and wealth. This is because each direction is governed by a planet, which has a dominant chemical element – represented by a specific colour. Take Venus for example – a planet high in Sulphur which is yellow in colour, ruling the south-east direction.

Scientifically this can be explained by the fact that, we perceive colour only because of sunlight and the intensity of sunlight changes in different directions. Archaeologists have also discovered thousand year old Egyptian temples using the same ways of solarisation to heal with pure colour. In the Greek city of Heliopolis, they even had the City of the Sun. When the sunlight entered the building, its rays split into colours of the spectrum and the individual colours were ‘conducted’ into different room where people would bathe in the colour that their state of health required.

Are you planning to re-decorate your house? Or may you recently have and still not happy with the results? Thinking of trying new drapes, flowers, artefacts, paintings, cushions, essential oils and many more. Let us energise spaces around us by applying a new way to use colours. This exercise will take you through the steps to make your own Sanctuary Garden in broad spectrum of areas around your space.