Colours In The Sanctuary Garden

Spring is in the air and so is Holi (the Indian festival of colours). This time of the year is all about freshness. What more can be an excuse to embrace colours and to give personal touch to enhance our personal spaces? Everyone of us goes through colour decisions everyday. Which colour to wear? This scarf or that tie? Orange juice or green pear? Some decisions are made very effortlessly – our sub-conscious secretly guides us without us even realising when that happens. But, to be fully aware of what colours to be embraced in our homes and offices, we gently need to hit the reset button. So,what comes to our mind when you hear about colours? Seasons…flowers…rainbows…furnishings…curtains…tapestry…nature?

In the last article, we talked about spaces being planned with a living consciousness of an organism and how this ‘someone special’ is the basis of all design. This person, known as ‘Vaastu-purush’ lies flat on his belly – symmetrical along a mirror axis and fits nicely together in a square grid. Let us explore him in new light…and colour!!! Nature provides us with all seven rainbow colours (which correspond to the seven energy chakras or centers of the body) – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The same rainbow colours are associated with various body organ. This is how they bring out responses in the body by healing it or disturbing it. Research also shows that moods, health and well being can be affected by colour therapy. Vaastu too uses specific colours in each of the cardinal directions to enhance good luck, health and wealth. This is because each direction is governed by a planet, which has a dominant chemical element – represented by a specific colour. Take Venus for example – a planet high in Sulphur which is yellow in colour, ruling the south-east direction.

Scientifically this can be explained by the fact that, we perceive colour only because of sunlight and the intensity of sunlight changes in different directions. Archaeologists have also discovered thousand year old Egyptian temples using the same ways of solarisation to heal with pure colour. In the Greek city of Heliopolis, they even had the City of the Sun. When the sunlight entered the building, its rays split into colours of the spectrum and the individual colours were ‘conducted’ into different room where people would bathe in the colour that their state of health required.

Are you planning to re-decorate your house? Or may you recently have and still not happy with the results? Thinking of trying new drapes, flowers, artefacts, paintings, cushions, essential oils and many more. Let us energise spaces around us by applying a new way to use colours. This exercise will take you through the steps to make your own Sanctuary Garden in broad spectrum of areas around your space.