A Healthy Garden Makes Seniors Healthy

Gardening is the most perfect exercise for senior citizens. Do you know why? When you’re in your garden, tending your plants, you forget everything from muscle pain, arthritis related pains, since you’re busy with your plants.

You feel uplifted and aroused with the smell of sweet flowers and the beauty of your healthy red tomato fruits, shiny eggplant fruits, greenish lettuce, and lots of vegetables you can see in the garden.
Sometimes you forget the hour whether its already sunset. Meaning, your garden seems to be your paradise surrounded with lots of natures’ ever growing beauties that you don’t want to leave the heavenly atmosphere you feel in the garden.

Imagine you have an abundant fresh harvest derived from your toil, what satisfaction do you feel, and what that affects your mental and physical conditions. Does it increase your cravings for more activities, thus makes you more interested to do more.

Benefits You Can Get In Your Garden

1. With that, your body through gardening,enriches your diet, your spirit, and strengthen your body against sickness.

2. Tending your garden plants provides you with an outdoors exercise in order to perspire, which is much better than working out in the gym. In the garden you can get the fresh early morning sunlight which is good for the body and mind.

3. While in your garden busy with your plants, you’ll also hear the sweet
serenades of the birds’ song an addition to your happy hour of tilling the soil with music from the birds.

4. Gardening contributes to bone-building like weight training can help build bones. The different tasks in your garden require your body to shift and move in different positions making your muscles flexible and adds strength to your body.

5. During your gardening activities, you would perform lifting, stretching, walking, kneeling, climbing weeding and other chores. These tasks forced your body to react based on the situation your body called for, and this is good for your health.

6. Add to this, while tending your plants with efforts, you’re likely to burn 250 – 350 calories, that includes weeding, digging, etc. For an hour of physical activities you’d consume lots of nutritious foods in exchange for the efforts you’ve made.

7. Staying in the garden for a couple of hours creates an atmosphere of peace of mind, because of the presence of natural therapy medical field can’t give the answer. This can be explained by merely observation but not scientifically proven that exposure to morning sunlight at least an can improve our body’s resistance to some minor illness.

This is manifested in your own natural feeling mode, that the smells of beautiful flowers, the songs of the birds around, the greenery landscape of your plants is enough to restore your senses to a perfect state conditions.