Enjoying And Benefiting From Quiet Moments

We all have quiet moments we can enjoy if we wish to. In the midst of busy lives and stressful demands, we can take mini breaks and enjoy peaceful moments.

However, it is easy to miss these moments if we are distracted by looking at our watches or use the time to chat on the phone. To truly benefit from them, you first need to decide to become more aware of them. When you are waiting outside the school for your children to come out you can worry about something or you can enjoy a peaceful moment. If you take advantage of these times to relax and still your mind you will soon discover amazing benefits. These are the times when intuition can come alive and soft whispers of inspiration can bless your life.

It is possible to find peace in simple activities such as walking through a park or browsing a plant nursery. Even just spending a little while sitting in your backyard can provide you valuable time to rejuvenate. Pay attention to the experiences of life; the colors in nature, the fragrances of flowers, birds, animals and even cloud formations. Simply be becoming aware of the beauty of your surroundings you can create a peaceful mindset and a grateful heart.

If you have little children, you may wonder how you can find any peace at all. However, our babies and little children offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy peace and contentment, but only if you give them your full attention. You have to forget other demands and be in the present moment. Cuddling your baby or reading a special story to your toddler can be peaceful moments that open your heart.

For some people, their most peaceful and blissful moments occur while deeply engaged in an activity they love. Creating a beautiful work of art, story, piece of furniture, clothing or garden can all take you to that quiet place where time stands still. It is in this state, that you can rejuvenate from the stresses of life and get your second wind.

No matter how you enter into this ‘zone’, you will find that you are able to experience love, gratitude and clarity of thought in a way that you cannot access normally. Joy expands at these times and life flows easily. You feel that anything is possible in this state and it is. For the moment at least, you are being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. If you intersperse your life with these experiences of deep contentment, you will become more satisfied with your life.

You will also find a new level of creativity flowing through your mind when you experience regular times of inner peace. Inspiration will energize and exhilarate you with a renewed sense of purpose. Furthermore, solutions to difficulties you are facing will come to you easily. In fact, by regularly enjoying times of deep contentment and peace you will discover that your life will become more satisfying and full of joy.