Outdoor Music and Healing Gardens

Gardens are wonderful places to calm the spirit and to relieve tension and throughout history gardens have been used to aid in the healing process – from the Japanese Zen Garden to the Monastic Cloister garden. Restorative gardens have existed since the middle Ages, seeing ‘healthcare’ centres located in medieval monasteries. Exposure to the gardens was an essential element of the recovery, the prescribed treatment being herbal remedies from the garden and prayer.

With increasing interest in complementary and alternative therapies, emphasising the healing of the whole person (mind, body, and spirit), rather than simply alleviating symptoms, interest in healing gardens has been revived. It is thought that simply viewing natural scenes or elements can foster stress recovery by evoking positive feelings, reducing negative emotions, effectively holding attention and interest, and blocking or reducing stressful thoughts. Activities that cause involuntary attention, or capture ones imagination spontaneously, for example watching birds’ splash in a birdbath, quietly playing an outdoor musical instrument or even watching leaves falls from a tree captures ones attention and takes ones mind off any worries or anxieties, thus allowing for mental restoration.

A stressful setting such as a hospice is ideal for a

Garden Fountains For Our Own Pleasure

Garden fountains are ideal for any kind of home. Landscaping is definitely the activity that can bring about changes in the apparent feature of an area of land. This includes gardening and setting up of structures like buildings, fences or any other material objects. It calls for good observation and design skills. When both factors like construction and natural requirements are believed to be together then the creation can be a beautiful landscape. Water fountains are an important part of landscape planning and this adds to the aesthetics of a place. Installing an outdoor garden fountain might sound complicated to amateurs but it’s not so.

First a selection of water fountain has to be made. The dimensions: neither it is imposing nor should it be so small to be unnoticed. For example if the garden fountain is seven feet high it will look too big close to a bed of small flowers and when it is placed alongside high bamboo fence it would look just appropriate. The color as well as the design: this is also dependent on the personal choice of the homeowner. If the item should blend with the surroundings then the natural colored one

Discover the Scenic Beauty of Mussoorie

The scenic beauty of Mussoorie is timeless. The place seems like an exceptional medley of various hues, spirituality, relics, and magic of bracing surroundings. The cascading waterfalls, mesmerizing hills, fascinating snow ranges and varied flora and fauna adds to the immense beauty of the immensely beautiful hill station discovered by Captain Young. He was a military officer who laid the foundation of this beautiful resort lured by the pleasing splendor of the area in the year 1827.

Mussoorie is situated in Uttarakhand about 38 kms from the city of Dehradun at an altitude of 2003 meters in the Garhwal Hills that is known to define its own beauty and charm. The fascination begins from the compelling view of the Himalayan snow ranges that continues through the wonderful hilly areas, adventurous roads, grassy slopes, and the magnificence of green all around. With so much thrill and excitement there are no drawn boundaries to what a person feels within the Himalayan range.

There are many tourist attractions in and around the place to lure people from across the world. The magic created by the Kempty Falls, Gun Hill, Cloud End, Camel’s Back Point, and Sir George Everest House

Create Your Life With the Power of Your Thoughts

Your life today was created by you. Your outer world is the effect of your inner world of thoughts. The inner world of your mind, conscious or unconscious thought, is the cause or root of all the effects you see in your outer world. If you wish to change your life, change the cause, which are your thoughts. Fill your mind with the thoughts of your choice. Thoughts of health, peace, abundance, prosperity, and so forth will seep into your unconscious mind, which will work its power and magic to bring about conditions in your life that harmonize with those thoughts.

Do not indulge in negative thoughts. Reverse those thoughts immediately. Negative thoughts are like poison to your life and will not bring forth positive events and circumstances.

All the successful men and women of the past and present tapped into the secret treasure box of the subconscious mind, and you can do the same! Affirm, visualize and believe that what you desire is yours.

Your mind is a garden. You can choose to plant good or bad seeds with your thoughts. Plant bad seeds, and your life garden will be filled with weeds. Plant

The Wonders of Solar Powered Garden Lights

If you have just spent months getting your garden to look just as it should but feel like something is missing then why not add some extra features? These can be in the form of either water fountains or solar powered lights right through to garden furniture and tropical plants. So if you are going to have any garden parties or barbecues your garden will be sure to look amazing once it has been completed.

Garden lights can create an ambiance for every occasion from sitting in the garden after a busy day at work, helping you to unwind and clear your mind to those romantic evenings when you may just want to sit at the bottom of the garden with your loved one and share the peaceful and exotic feeling of relaxation and beauty.

Solar garden lights are becoming ever more popular due to the convenience and the energy savings elements that they hold, and a vast majority of home-owners are already investing in solar powered garden lights to bring their garden to life in the evenings.

If you have spent time and effort on your garden then it should be admired at all

Enjoying And Benefiting From Quiet Moments

We all have quiet moments we can enjoy if we wish to. In the midst of busy lives and stressful demands, we can take mini breaks and enjoy peaceful moments.

However, it is easy to miss these moments if we are distracted by looking at our watches or use the time to chat on the phone. To truly benefit from them, you first need to decide to become more aware of them. When you are waiting outside the school for your children to come out you can worry about something or you can enjoy a peaceful moment. If you take advantage of these times to relax and still your mind you will soon discover amazing benefits. These are the times when intuition can come alive and soft whispers of inspiration can bless your life.

It is possible to find peace in simple activities such as walking through a park or browsing a plant nursery. Even just spending a little while sitting in your backyard can provide you valuable time to rejuvenate. Pay attention to the experiences of life; the colors in nature, the fragrances of flowers, birds, animals and even cloud formations. Simply be becoming aware

A Healthy Garden Makes Seniors Healthy

Gardening is the most perfect exercise for senior citizens. Do you know why? When you’re in your garden, tending your plants, you forget everything from muscle pain, arthritis related pains, since you’re busy with your plants.

You feel uplifted and aroused with the smell of sweet flowers and the beauty of your healthy red tomato fruits, shiny eggplant fruits, greenish lettuce, and lots of vegetables you can see in the garden.
Sometimes you forget the hour whether its already sunset. Meaning, your garden seems to be your paradise surrounded with lots of natures’ ever growing beauties that you don’t want to leave the heavenly atmosphere you feel in the garden.

Imagine you have an abundant fresh harvest derived from your toil, what satisfaction do you feel, and what that affects your mental and physical conditions. Does it increase your cravings for more activities, thus makes you more interested to do more.

Benefits You Can Get In Your Garden

1. With that, your body through gardening,enriches your diet, your spirit, and strengthen your body against sickness.

2. Tending your garden plants provides you with an outdoors exercise in order to perspire, which is much